optout's alterhuman journal

Welcome! This will, hopefully, become a place to share my personal musings on nonhumanity.

About me

I have been identifying as an aspecies nonhuman since spring 2021. I usually explain this as being a subjective internal identity that means I'm not human, and not anything else either. You may know me as optout from elsewhere on the internet. For basic information on alterhumanity (an umbrella term that includes nonhumanity), see Alt+H:



Who I Am

The first post I ever made about my nonhumanity - a "coming out", as it were

I Like My Body More When I Call It Nonhuman

Musings on not being "human bodied" and Disability as nonhumanity


A more in depth look at what being aspecies means


My alterhuman-related poetry

The Big Fictionhearted Essay

An attempt to put some of my experience of being otherhearted into words


Others' Writing

A collection of links to writing on alterhumanity by others, that I have come across on my journey and found helpful or interesting. Somewhat of a work in progress.


Email: optoutaspecies at tutanota dot com

If you know other ways of contacting me, feel free to use them.