I am too much for this earth

I am too much for humanity

(I do not exist at all)

I want everything/

I want to be nothing

I feel in my core I am

Me I am nothing I am (me)

Everything I can remember has meaning

I am empty except for the meaning I give myself

So I am full to the brim

I don't want to find meaning

I will declare war on physics

I just want to go to sleep

(Sleep is alien to me)

I am dysphoric/

I am euphoric//

I can't be bothered

I am alterhuman

I am nonhuman

I cannot be described fully in words

I was never meant for words

I am floating away from this world/

I am floating to nowhere

I am gay in the way that aliens are gay

I am autistic in the way that robots are autistic

I am housebound in the way that gods fall

I am nothing

I am everything